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The Community Council of Agrokipia, aiming at the development, progress and prosperity of the community, has planned and effectuated a series of projects. Presented below are some of the most important projects which were completed in the past few years, the future projects and the ones already under construction.  

Completed Projects:

  • The Park by the church of Panagia Chrysopantanassa.
  • The square and the tree planting at the square.
  • Expansion of street lighting.
  • Creation of a mosaic and a priedieu 
  • Upgrade of the Primary School and restructuring of the yard.
  • Equipping the Primary School with games an interactive whiteboard.  
  • Replacement of the water supply network and construction of pavements at the poor families’ self-housing.   
  • Construction of water supply reservoirs.
  • Construction of two bridges along the agricultural roads.
  • Beautification of the school building and lining of the building with stone.
  • Creation of a Multiple-usage Hall.
  • Expansion of the water supply network towards the west of the community.
  • Construction of a Community Stadium.
  • Construction of Community Buildings.
  • Construction of the Holy Church of Agios Kournoutas.
  • Construction of a Park at the community housing.
  • Separation of plots for refuges and poor families – Housing B’. 

Scheduled Projects:

  • Separation of thirty-eight plots at the community housing.
  • Creation of a Cultural Heritage Hall and a Museum.  
  • Creation of a sewerage system, a footpath, a bicycle track and Nature’s Trail. 

Projects under construction:

  • Beautification of the community centre (MASTER PLAN).
  • Construction of pavements
  • Widening of the road in the centre of the community
  • Elevation of the copper mine.
  • Beautification and restoration of the centre of Agrokipia.
  • Restoration of the mine area.
  • Paving along the entire community.


Agrokipia Community Council 

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